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2015年高考英语备考: 单项填空15题(有详解)         ★★★★
2015年高考英语备考: 单项填空15题(有详解)
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1.The success of the Chinese athletes in Athens has been _______ great pleasure and encouragement to ________ Chinese people.

A. the; the                   B. a; 不填                    C. 不填;a                    D. a; the

2. —I’m sorry, but there’s no smoking in this section on the train.

—Oh, I ________ that, and I won’t again.

A don’t know               B. didn’t know             C. won’t                        D. haven’t known

3. —Now that you like the cell phone so much, why not carry it back?

—Well, you know, I’m a student, and I can’t afford ________mobile phone.

A that expensive a        B. a that expensive        C. that a expensive          D. a expensive that

4. Snowing hard outside, ________?

A doesn’t it                  B. isn’t it                     C. does it                       D. is it

5.— Macao or Hong Kong? Which did you mean?

—We were talking about ________ to seek for a job after graduation.

A. where                     B. how                        C. whether                     D. when

6. The girl’s face must have shown bright amazement at his words, or else what Tom said next would ________.

A. have broken out       B. never have broken out  C. never break out        D. break out

7. —Why! Where is my passport? Maybe I left it on the plane.

—My Goodness! You ________ things behind.

A. had never left           B. didn’t leave               C. never left                   D. haven’t left

8.________if he had any bad habit, he replied he was a heavy smoker.

A. Ask                        B. Asking                       C. Asked                       D. She asked

9. Only by practicing a few hours every day________ be able to master the language.

A. you can                  B. will you                      C. you will                     D. can you

10. Generous public finding of basic science would ________ considerable benefits for the country’s health, wealth and security.

A. lead to                     B. result from                  C. lie in                       D. settle down

11. Help has already come from them, but the aid is ________ near what we had expected.

A. everywhere              B. somewhere                 C. anywhere                 D. nowhere

12. I’ll help you to finish the work ________ I had enough time this evening.

A. except that               B. if only                        C. on condition             D. now that

13. In time of danger, a bright idea suddenly ________ to me.

A. happened                 B. hit                              C. struck                    D. occurred

14. –Would you like to go to the cinema with me this evening?

—I’d like to, but I won’t be free tonight. Let’s make it ________ other day.

A. the                          B. some                         C. any                         D. one

15. You have made a few spelling mistakes in your composition, but ________, it is fairly good.

A. on the whole           B. generally speaking       C. above all                  D. on one hand


1. D 根据句意,中国健儿在雅典奥运会上的胜利给全中国人带来了极大的快乐和鼓舞。全中国人民,显然特定,“极大的快乐和鼓舞”即用不定冠词表示抽象名词具体化。故选D。

2.B 表示在你提醒“我”之前,“我”并不知道,故用一般过去时。

3.A 句中that为副词,相当于so修饰形容词expensive。


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