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Last year I had the first Thanksgiving Day of my own house短文改错           ★★★
Last year I had the first Thanksgiving Day of my own house短文改错
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Last year I had the first Thanksgiving Day of my own house. I have never cooked Thanksgiving dinner before, so I wanted to be special. I spent what seemed like forever cooking, and for my great surprise it came out looking perfectly! I realized that I had left my soft drinks at the store but I ran out to get them after the guests arrived. I was away from for no more than 15 minute. When I returned, I found my turkey on the floor surrounding by a greedy cat and a dog with turkey bits in its mouths.

其他1.of--in  2. have--had  3.want后面加it.  4.for--to   5.perfectly--perfect   6.but--and   7.after--before  8.from去掉
  9.surrounding--surrounded    10.its--their

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